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Maybe you’ve heard about active learning and would like to incorporate it into your course, but you don’t have the time for a full course redesign. This site provides some active learning tools that have been developed and tested by faculty and are presented in a way that they can be adopted and used in your course with minimal preparation. Think of it as an a la carte approach to incorporating more active learning elements in your course. If you have suggestions for tools or techniques you have used and would like to share, please contact Josh Colwell ( for information on how to get it included here so others can take advantage of your ideas.

Here are some general guidelines on how to increase active learning in your course.

Do you teach a large enrollment course and want to make it less anonymous for your students? Students appreciate individual attention and knowing that their instructor is vested in their learning. Here’s a guide on how to meet a large number of students in a large enrollment course.Meet the Teacher

Students can benefit from being prompted to notice how much time they are spending on studying, and also of the many resources available to them to get help in a course. Here’s an example of how to remind students of these resources and encourage them to adopt a more regular and rigorous study regimen with a participation-graded survey on webcourses.

Student Study Inventory bag of tricks

This page will grow as more faculty provide tools.