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Al-Muthanna Al-Ani

Hello friends, my name is Al-Muthanna Al-Ani.  I am a Mechanical Engineering major with a minor in intelligent robotic systems in my 5th and final year at UCF.  I graduated from Qatar Academy, an international school in the country of Qatar.  Being in an international school I was able to meet all kinds of people each different in their own unique ways.  This experience allowed me to appreciate the multitude of cultures and backgrounds the world has to offer.  Through this, I have developed an interest in learning about new people and where they are from.

During my time at UCF, I have come across many students from all the different colleges here each with their own story, passion, and reasoning for why they are pursuing their career.  I have also met many people who are not as happy with their choice of study, people who burn out after the first year, finding out that becoming a scientist is not as easy as they thought back in high school.  I ask what I will do when I graduate, will I simply work at a desk or build the next Mars rover.  The one thing I know for sure is that when you believe in your career and you have the drive and passion to push through and learn, those are the people who are really going to make an impact.

During my several years being a STEM Ambassador I have done several teach-ins, volunteered around campus, mentored first-year and transfer students, and came to the decision to continue with graduate school after my bachelor’s.  All of these things came from my participation in the program.  My experiences being a STEM Ambassador made me a better mentor because I have become more aware of different careers both within and out of engineering.  Though teaching kids content I learn in class I discovered a newfound love for academia giving me the reason for continuing school.  This program gave me the motivation to pursue everything I have done and more.  It was the first and more important stepping stone in my career.  I am excited to continue my journey as a STEM ambassador for my final undergraduate year of 2021-22.