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Al-Muthanna Al-Ani

Hello, my name is Al-Muthanna Al-Ani.  I am a Mechanical engineering Major in my Sophomore year.  I graduate from Qatar Academy, an international school in the country of Qatar.  Being in an international school I was able to meet all kinds of people each different is their own unique ways.  This experience allowed me to appreciate the multitude of cultures and backgrounds the world has to offer.  Though this I have developed an interest in learning about new people and where they are from.

So far, I have been enjoying my math classes.  I’ve started to find the beauty of math in its process from the start of the question to the very end.  Especially in calculus 2, the various integration questions offer an excellent variety of complexity that keeps the mind occupied and always looking for new ways to answer a question.  Also, I have found that some of the graphing components can make some interesting shapes.  My favorite has to be polar coordinates as the shapes of the graph can be anything from a heart, leaf, spiral and shield.

For me I fell in love with robotics.  Everything about it has always fascinated me and from a young age I’ve wanted to work with it.  During my middle and high school years I was constantly involved in my robotics club, but it was obvious that it was not the flashiest club.  Every year we struggled to find enough people to join us to the point where one year we just took anyone who walked through the door.  The STEM ambassadors program allows me to tackle the problem head on.  I plan on getting kids excited for the STEM field and more spesefically in robotics.  STEM ambassadors have many robotics programs that I hope to get involved with and expand my knowledge base.

Outside of my academic life I enjoy playing various games ranging from card games to video games both single and multiplayer.  I’ve met many great friends with whom I always have a specific connection from exchanging experience for wisdom and laughter or simply by playing Magic the Gathering.  I am exited to begin my journey as a STEM ambassador for the year 2018-19.