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Adrianna Anslemo

My name is Adrianna Anslemo and I am an Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering major. This
will be my third year at UCF. In 2022, I graduated from Pasco High School which is in Dade City,
Florida. One of my favorite classes at UCF was Introduction to Computer Programming.
Although coding is not a vital part in the aerospace and mechanical track, this course taught me
many basics that I have been able to apply. My professor made the course very engaging and
was able to make coding fun, rather than daunting. One of my favorite professors at UCF is
Doctor Dozier. I had her for Statics. I wish she taught more aero/mechanical courses as she was
amazing. Doctor Dozier explained the statics in a simple way while also showing us the simple
methods for solving problems. She also was able to connect the class to real world applications
which allowed for better retention. I love this program because it gives women in STEM majors
the opportunity to meet others with similar majors. The program is like a safety net. It’s
comforting to know if you’re having a difficult time, there are people to help and support you.
Even if you don’t need help it’s just nice to know you have a support system. In my free time I
like to powerlift, read, and hang out with friends. I also enjoy dog sitting and going to the beach.
Words of advice for WiSTEM freshman, take it one day at a time.