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Shekh Arefen

Hello! My name is Shekh Arefen. I’m a computer engineering major and a sophomore currently at UCF. I graduated from Suncoast Community High School with the International Baccalaureate Diploma. My favorite class at UCF is an Intro to Criminology class I took as a freshman. During my free time, I love indulging myself with crime dramas and detective shows. So taking an actual criminology course furthered my interest even more. My favorite professor at UCF was my Humanistic Traditions teacher named Mathew Jacob. Dr. Jacob was unlike any other professor I’ve ever had. He learned everyone’s name by the first week of school. He taught with such passion and was always curious about every student’s cultural and academic life. I decided to get involved with the STEM Ambassador program because it gives me an opportunity to continue volunteering and encouraging the youth to pursue any STEM related career. For all the STEM students here at UCF, keep on moving forward and always give it your all. My hobbies consist of playing basketball, watching crime dramas, and exploring different cultural foods every Sunday with my roommates.