Exploring Science Technology Engineering and Math

STEM Summer Programs

iSTEM Affiliated

Camp Connect offers broad exposure to a variety of engineering disciplines, including: electrical, industrial, mechanical, civil, environmental, aerospace, and computer science. Camp Connect immerses students in engineering integrated activities and provides tips on how to prepare for a college degree! For more information, visit: http://stem.ucf.edu/camp-connect/

CyberCamp, offered in collaboration with the Florida Cyber Alliance, focuses on teaching beginner and intermediate computer security techniques and preparation for cyber competitions to students entering grades 9-12. The computer and information security curriculum includes hands-on labs, daily challenges and an all-day culminating challenge activity that tests the students beyond a simple lesson plan! The camp will be held July 22-25, 2019. For more information, visit: http://cybercamp.cs.ucf.edu

Summer Institutes are intensive programs for gifted and high-achieving students who have interest in learning the foundations of Computer Science, Biology, Physics, or advancing skills in Competitive Programming. The programs offer a mix of activities designed to maximize learning through hands-on, individualized instruction with outstanding instructors. For more information, visit: http://siucf.cs.ucf.edu

Other UCF Programs

OCTET, BIOTEC and PhYSICOS are week-long intensive summer camps for Advanced Placement or Honors students (with teacher recommendation) designed to cultivate the future generation of young leaders in the pure sciences in central Florida. Each camp, planned and implemented entirely by graduate students, consists of a series of lectures and lab trainings given in each discipline. In addition, participants complete an authentic research project culminating in a poster session on the final day of camp. For more information, visit: https://ucfoctet.wordpress.com/, https://ucfbiotec.wordpress.com/ or https://sciences.ucf.edu/physics/physicos/.