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Loubensky Baine


I am Loubensky Baine, a fourth-year, first-generation student majoring in Aerospace Engineering (AE) here at the University of Central Florida. After graduating from the Cambridge Engineering program at Miami Lakes Educational Center, I decided to major in AE because it was the happy medium between my newly developed interest in mechanical design from high school and my childhood passion and obsession with airplanes. Some of my favorite topics to learn about here at UCF are Heat Transfer and High-Speed Aerodynamics. These courses teach me the fundamental concepts that I will need to know when I transition into industry to specialize in propulsion.

I recently had the honor of representing the university by being the first UCF student selected for the Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship. Coupled with being an inaugural fellow for the Patti Grace Smith Fellowship Program, I represent UCF’s College of Engineering and Computer Science as the first student to receive two fellowships during my enrollment!

It is important to note, however, that I gauge my success not from being “the first” in everything; rather, I get the most satisfaction from bringing other students along. I have chosen to participate in the STEM Ambassador program to give back to the university. I realize that with every goal that I achieve, I have needed help and guidance from professors and mentors like Dr. Seetha Raghavan, Dr. Melissa Dagley, Mr. Paul Kynerd, and many others. My recent accomplishments once were unimaginable, and I could not make it to where I am today without help. Through my involvement with the STEM Ambassador program, I hope to be the resource that empowers a younger student to his/her passions. Specifically, I want to encourage younger students to pursue degrees in STEM and to remind them that they are truly capable of doing whatever they dream to do!

In my free time, I like to practice guitar. As a self-taught player of two years now, I am quickly gaining respect for the people who play music for a living. I make time in my day to stay active by weight training often and doing something fun like playing football or basketball. Recently, I have taken swimming lessons to improve my form and techniques. It is easy to see that no matter what the activity is, I enjoy learning something new to keep my brain active!