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Jeanelle Baldwin

Howdy! My name is Jeanelle Baldwin, and I’m a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Sciences. I graduated in the Class of 2015 from Middleton High School in Tampa. When I was in elementary school, I was the little girl that would tell everyone she wanted to be a doctor. To this day, science is still my favorite subject. Every single hands-on experiment I’ve done in Microbiology and Chemistry have been an absolute treat that I look forward to. It’s a wonderful experience to take a classroom concept and apply it to something that is real and in front of you.

When I was in sixth grade, I got started in a robotics program by mere chance. That simple act of fate has been the source of my drive for the past 8 years. I am a STEM Ambassador because I want to give students the chance to develop their own critical thinking and teamwork-building skills – the same ones I learned in middle and high school at engineering competitions. I want to inspire students to think creatively to solve a problem with the tools they have. STEM subjects are not nearly as impossible as they seem, and even young students can develop the skills to rival professionals. I have never let my failures keep me down, and my top priority in everything I do is to have fun. I’m an avid dancer, I love to wear ridiculous outfits, and I love to play video games. As the characters in Undertale would say, “Stay Determined!”