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Sebastien Beauge

Hello and good day! My name is Sebastien Beauge and I’m currently a junior studying Computer Science at the University of Central Florida. I graduated from Suncoast High School in 2014 where I started coding and learning how to use CAD programs in the 9th grade. All the experiences I had led me to pursue a degree in STEM and left me with a love for the field. I hope to work as a software developer for a car company, combining my two favorite passions.

My favorite professor at UCF is Sean Szumlanski. I have taken two of his classes and it has been absolutely amazing! His lectures always leave you with a smile on your face while also making your head hurt a little. I love how he is able to breakdown complicated segments of code and explain it so easily to his students. He also incorporates great humor which can help release some of the tension when learning new material.

I decided to get involved with the STEM ambassadors to give back to the community and to meet new people. The STEM community is one of the many reasons I have been able to reach the place I am today. By joining the STEM ambassadors, I’ve found a neat way to meet new people while also sharing the joys of STEM with younger students. I hope to use my STEM outreach to touch the lives of future students and bring more people to learn about how astonishing this field is.

Some major words of wisdom to any future students is to stay passionate. It is easy to get lost sometimes in a world full of math and sciences but staying strong and remembering why you love your major will always help you through the toughest assignments. Studying a lot is also a big deal. Some of the classes can really be tough but if you buckle down and study, there is no problem that can’t be solved.

As much as I love school, I do enjoy some activities when I’m not deep in coursework. In my spare times I enjoy playing video games, playing basketball and listening to music. My favorite game is League of Legends and I enjoy playing and learning new things about the game. Usually once a week, my friends and I get together and play basketball together. Being a computer science major doesn’t mean a lot of active time and I appreciate being able to move about and get physical.