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Kennedy Boswell

Hi! My name is Kennedy, and I am a Biomedical Science major. I was born and raised in my hometown Melbourne, Florida. I am a sophomore here at UCF. I have a huge passion for working out and being healthy. You can always find me at the gym or running at different parks in Orlando! When it comes to school, I love my medical classes the most. Learning about the body and how every system works is so amazing to me. I would like to be an anesthesiologist one day. The challenge excites me! Solving complex problems in class and hopefully one day in a hospital.

This is my first year as a STEM Ambassador and I am so ready! I love getting to share my knowledge with younger students who are eager to learn. I am excited for all the opportunities this program has in store for me and the awesome people and students I will meet along the way.

I also enjoy traveling during my summer and winter breaks. I hope to one day take a year and travel the world. My dream is to become a doctor and travel around the world helping communities and towns that are underprivileged and need medical assistance. To help as many people as I can!