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Jackie Braun

My name is Jacqueline Braun (or Jackie) and I am a mechanical engineering major. I graduated from Dr. Michael M. Krop Sr High in Miami, Florida and am currently a junior, although I have 2 years left at UCF. One of my favorite classes at UCF has been my engineering statics class with Dr Zaurin. Dr. Zaurin always makes class really interesting and fun (which is much needed for a 7:30am class!). He really cares about his students and encourages participation, which helps you to better learn the material. I decided to get involved in the STEM Ambassador program because I think too many young students have the wrong idea about STEM classes. The younger population seem to think some of the subjects are “too hard”, and I know this because I used to be that student. I used to think I wasn’t smart enough to be an engineering major because I was too intimidated by the course load. Now I know that I can definitely handle the work and although it is challenging, aspiring students should know it is possible and not as scary as you’d think. I want to help encourage younger students to join STEM programs and show them how fun math and science can be so they aren’t afraid to explore STEM fields. I especially want to encourage/mentor younger girls because women account for such a small percentage of STEM majors. I was the girl who always thought engineering was only for boys and I am passionate about ending that stigma. Outside of school I like to watch TV shows on Netflix, try new restaurants (I’m a total foodie!), read science books, and travel as much as possible.