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Kassidy Cantwell

I am currently a sophomore at UCF majoring in Biomedical Sciences under the Molecular Microbiology track. I graduated Oviedo High School in 2018, which is where I developed my love for the STEM field. So far, my favorite classes I’ve taken at UCF are Microbiology (with lab), Organic Chemistry, and Neurobiology. While Microbiology was a given to pique my interest, Neurobiology and Organic Chemistry surprisingly did as well.

I am involved in the STEM Ambassador program because I hope to provide a student with a life changing experience, similar to my own. When I was in high school, I had an internship with the Altamonte Springs Science Incubator. During those three months, I worked alongside city officials in the field of STEM. The task that most interested me dealt with working in a lab belonging to a water treatment plant, where I tested for coliform in local water samples. I went into this position aspiring to be neonatal doctor and left with a newfound love for the field of microbiology. I am excited to provide students with the resources to be in this field and how to accomplish their STEM goals. My one piece of advice to other students would be to keep an open mind and, as long you do, you will gain something out of the experience.

My interests outside of school include thrift shopping, reworking clothing I find, going to the gym, and listening to some of my favorite bands.