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Jessica Chevallier

Hi! My name is Jessica Chevallier, I am currently a sophomore at UCF pursuing a major in biology (marine biology track) and a minor in chemistry. I graduated from Suncoast Community High School in Riviera Beach with an International Baccalaureate Diploma. By far, my favorite class at UCF is Principles of Marine Biology with Professor Christa Diercksen. I love the ocean and it’s great to finally be able to take a course where I can learn more about the ocean’s wonders and make strides in the marine biology career I want to pursue. Plus, I really enjoy Professor Diercksen’s teaching style. She brings in speakers that are well versed in subjects such as turtle research and aquaticbiogeochemical research. It’s great to listen to the speakers and see where a career in biology can take you. In my free time I enjoy painting, playing tennis and going to the beach. Watching Arrow and Quantico is fun too!

I decided to get involved in the STEM Ambassador Program because I am passionate in making STEM related topics enjoyable and accessible to children. I want to encourage students interested in STEM to continue pursuing their passion even when the going gets tough, because it is important for everyone to end up with a career they truly enjoy. I would advise students interested in STEM to “just keep swimming.” Take challenging courses, talk to your professors, and get involved in research and clubs that are important to you. Do anything you can to set yourself apart and strive for the great career you have in mind. STEM related careers are attainable for anyone who is passionate and ready to put in the work. Don’t get discouraged by the difficult topics, the workload and the all-nighters. I promise, in the end it’s all worth it.