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Charlotte Deney

Hello! My name is Charlotte Deney. I’m a double major, studying Biomedical Sciences and Legal Studies. I’m also a double minor, studying Medical Sociology and Spanish. I’m a senior here at UCF. My family was in the military, so growing up I was homeschooled!

I love the chemistry classes here; learning about all the little particles that make up everything in life is the best part. My favorite professors on campus are Dr. Dixon (chemistry department) and Professor Carlson (math department). They both tend to make jokes while teaching which helps make learning more fun.

I decided to join the STEM Ambassadors Program to help encourage younger generations. I want to help show that STEM can be extremely interesting and tons of fun! The most important thing I can say to future generations is: find the path that is going to make you happy, the path that is interesting to you, and follow it!

Although school is a big part of my life, when I have free time I like to relax. I like to play piano. Classical music has always helped me relax and I love playing it!