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Michael Dieffenbach

My name is Michael Dieffenbach, and I’m a senior majoring in Biomedical Sciences.  I graduated from Wisconsin Virtual Learning, where I had wonderful science teachers who inspired me to pursue a career in the sciences.  As a STEM Ambassador, I’m hoping to be able to pass on the passion for science that they shared with me.

Today, I’m working in a genetics lab and planning to earn an MD/PhD.  I love my major and my classes, especially Molecular Biology.  It’s fascinating to see how so many complex processes take place on a molecular level to allow life to exist!  When I’m not studying, I enjoy cooking, learning languages, juggling, and long-distance biking and running.

For future STEM students, my advice is to learn to find the wonder in everything.  Science can seem boring sometimes!  There are often long hours of data analysis or tedious lab tasks and sometimes experiments don’t work out.  But once in a while you might get the chance to discover something amazing, and that makes it all worth it!