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Mayerlin Fischbach

Greetings! I’m an aspiring scientist majoring in Biology, and finishing off my last year at UCF. I am absolutely in love with plants and aim to dedicate much of myself to improving the human understanding of nonhuman life – particularly our chlorophyll filled friends. I grew up gardening, and eventually it was not enough for me to grow plants – I wanted to know how they work. This lead me to gain an interest in research- through which I discovered my passions, purpose, and a great sense of empowerment. Currently, I am most interested in resilience ecology and phytoremediation, but this may change within the next few years. My favorite classes at UCF have included Urban Ecological Field Studies, Plant Anatomy, Ecology, and the Ecology lab- all of which I highly recommend to environmentally inclined and interested students.

I wanted to become a STEM ambassador to help kids understand that success can’t only be achieved through being inherently smart or born with certain privileges- but rather hard work and dedication. I want them to know science can be fun, fulfilling, powerful, and done by anyone regardless of their background! Science can also be tough, intimidating, and a little scary, but there’s beauty in reinventing what is mysterious to the human experience- and I want young minds to share in this view.

Besides giving myself academically induced headaches, I enjoy rock climbing, plant/mushroom identifying, bug kissing, crocheting, jamming and connecting with my own species!