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Jacob Franz

Hello! My name is Jacob Franz and I’m currently a senior here at UCF. I’m majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Statistics. I’m actually originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and graduated from Brookfield East High School in 2019. One of my favorite classes I’ve taken was Algorithms for Machine Learning with Dr. Hollander. I think it’s so cool to learn how to take in massive amounts of data and make meaningful predictions with it.

It was actually a UCF student that came to my high school and talked to our class about all the opportunities that he has had through UCF, particularly the competitive programming team. This inspired me to join the STEM ambassador program. I hope to use this opportunity to inspire others to study STEM at UCF, just as I was inspired back in Wisconsin.

Aside from schoolwork, I enjoy playing video games, watching Netflix with my roommates, and playing Spikeball on Memory Mall. I also love going for long bike rides and traveling to new places, and I’ve been working on learning to play the drums.