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Kianna Hemingway

Hello, my name is Kianna Hemingway and I’m currently a junior at UCF. I’m majoring in Computer Engineering on the VLSI digital circuits track. I graduated from Winter Park High School in 2020. My favorite classes are the ones related to my major. I enjoy making new friends in these classes and learning about what I’m passionate about.

My brother is an aerospace engineer, so growing up I was always exposed to STEM. However, not everyone has the opportunity to grow up in a STEM household. This is one of the reasons why I choose to become a STEM ambassador. As technology continues to grow, the world will always need scientists, engineers, and people who know how to do complex math. I want to have an impact on shaping and finding the next generation of those students. To future STEM students, I’d say wonder is the beginning of wisdom. Find what you’re passionate ¬†about and go after it. ¬†When I’m not in school I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling. I also like completing puzzles and reading.