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Kianna Hemingway

Hello, my name is Kianna Hemingway and I’m currently a sophomore at UCF. I’m majoring in Computer engineering with the intent to follow the hardware track. I graduated from Winter Park High School in 2020. My favorite classes at UCF are the one specific to my major. These classes allow me to not only make new friends but also be around people who are in the same or similar major as me.

Growing up, my brother was a STEM major so I was exposed to it at a young age. However, not everyone grows up learning about STEM. That’s the reason I decided to join this program. As a STEM ambassador I want to share my passions with the world. I want to help the next generation of STEM students find their passion, hone in on their creativity, and inspire them to dream big!  To future STEM students I’d like to say never be afraid of failing because that fear will hold you back from achieving your greatest potential. It’s alright to fail sometimes but it’s don’t give up. Outside of school I enjoy spending time with family, completing puzzles, and reading.