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Kylie Izquierdo

Hi, my name is Kylie Izquierdo and I am currently a junior studying Environmental Engineering at the University of Central Florida. I graduated from Palm Beach Central High School back in my hometown of West Palm Beach.

One of my favorite classes so far has been Physical Geography. I find it really cool learning about our planet and the different issues and factors that face our environment. I especially loved learning about anticlines and synclines and how this affects what structures we can build on different types of land.

I decided to get involved with the STEM Ambassador program because I never knew I could have a future in STEM and I want younger students to know that this is something that is attainable to them too. I feel like when you grow up there are certain stereotypes that are forced upon you to follow a certain path, especially being a female. But I think you can do anything you set your mind to and I want to inspire others by sharing my passion for STEM.

My “words of wisdom” to future STEM students is to always stay curious.  Always ask why things happen and how things work. Question everything because it could lead to some fascinating discoveries. Learn as much as you always can, it is truly a privilege that we take for granted sometimes.

When I’m not studying, I love doing anything that’s outdoors. My favorite things are hiking, rollerblading, hanging in a hammock, or camping!