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Anna Kalena

Hi everyone! My name is Anna Kalena and I’m from Chicago, IL. I am a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Philosophy. I decided to major in Biomedical Sciences because I want to pursue a career as a pediatrician and work with underserved populations to alleviate medical disparities in those who may not have access to proper healthcare. I have worked with kids for over 5 years from the ages of Pre-K all the way to high school!

Being a STEM Ambassador has given me the opportunity to speak with students in our community and make a positive impact in Central Florida and beyond. I love showing kids how fun science can be and getting them excited about learning! Most of all, I want students to know that anything is possible when you work hard to achieve your passions and dreams.

Outside of school, I’m a total foodie and I love to cook at home or try new restaurants. I’m a not-so-amateur barista and I always make a coffee or tea to start my day. I love being outside in nature, but I also love to spend time inside playing video games with friends.