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Jasmina Kovacevic

My name is Jasmina Kovacevic and I am a Biomedical Sciences major. I am graduating this fall and will be applying to medical school this coming summer in hopes of becoming a primary care physician.  I graduated from Lake Nona High School. My favorite class this semester has been Literacy and Technology, as it is fascinating to see how literacy has changed over the years as technology has evolved. It is interesting that Plato initially argued against the use of the pencil as he said writing would weaken our memories. Another one of my favorite classes has been Molecular Biology 1 because I am fascinated by the molecular processes used by prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Evolution has gotten us so far! I decided to return as a STEM Ambassador to encourage STEM in first generation students like myself. I enjoy yoga and playing with my cats in my free time. Some words of wisdom: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”