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Michelle Leon Tepetate

Hi, everyone! My name is Michelle Leon and I am a senior majoring in biology. I graduated from Countryside High school in Clearwater, Florida. During my time in high school, I was a part of a STEM program. Since then, I have been interested in the STEM field and promoting awareness for STEM education. I have enjoyed many classes at UCF, but my favorite class was Calculus 2 with Dr. Song. I took Dr. Song’s Calculus 1 class and had the best time in that the class. I became very good friends with my professor by visiting and seeking help when I needed it. I still visit her now! My time in Calculus 2 was very eye opening because I learned there is more to just taking required classes and earning a grade. I took Calculus 2 because I genuinely want to learn calculus. If I could tell everyone a strong piece of advice it would be: study what you are passionate about and what makes you curious to learn. There are so many classes that have made me question my choice of biology, but there have also been so many that make me fall in love with biology all over again. I chose to return as a STEM Ambassador because I want to make students aware that STEM is a great choice for students curious about the world and how it works. There are so many choices in the STEM field. STEM is very important to me because I have many younger female cousins that are not aware of the possibilities in the STEM field. I want to be a mentor for those who were like me before I learned about the opportunities in STEM. Besides schoolwork, I love to spend time with family and friends.