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Dakota Lewis

My name is Dakota Lewis. I am currently a junior at UCF majoring in Biology with a minor in Emergency Management and Homeland Security. I graduated from Boone High School in Orlando Florida. My favorite class this semester is biogeography. Professor Jenkins is awesome and really gets us involved in discussion. I find myself absorbing the information and being able to apply it to other topics and classes because of the way he teaches every class.

I decided to get involved in the STEM ambassador program because I really enjoy working with kids and getting the chance to help them explore the STEM fields. If I can help just one student not be intimidated by the STEM majors and encourage them to find their passion, I’ve accomplished what I joined the STEM ambassadors to do. For future students its important to remember that anyone can major in science technology, engineering, or math as long as you are willing to work hard for it. You don’t have to be a genius, just be passionate about your goals.

Balance is extremely important to me as well. Other than studying, I also enjoy fishing, scuba diving, boating, four wheeling, and camping on the weekends with my family and my dog. I find that having interests and hobbies outside of school help me stay focused and remember why I am working so hard.