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Cameron Lucas

Hey! My name is Cameron Lucas and I’m a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major! I graduated from the nearby Lake Howell High School.

I love UCF, the professors, and the classes. Among my favorite classes so far are Structures of Materials & Statics, because my professors approached the class with enthusiasm and provided me with endless resources to succeed.

I decided to get involved with STEM Ambassador program because I saw it as an opportunity to help younger students realize their natural talent and interest in passion. I have spoken to many students who only just got involved with STEM in college, and who wish they’d had someone who educated them and sparked their interest when they were younger. It is my goal to be that person!

For all you future STEM students, always remember that you are a part of something cosmic in scale– your work and effort contributes to the whole of science, so whenever you encounter obstacles, always remind yourself o why you do what you do.

At UCF I have really explored my social and academic interests. This last summer I went to Honduras with Global Engineering Brigades, where I helped design water systems for communities in need. It helped cement my passion and future in STEM, and provided a reminder for all the good things that come out of those four letters.