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Riya Maria

Hi, I’m Riya! I’m a junior majoring in Biomedical Sciences and minoring in Law Studies here at the University of Central Florida. I graduated Suncoast Highschool in 2019 with a dual magnet program certificate in Computer Science and IB allowing me to carry a life time love for the STEM field and eventually allowing me to enjoy some of the awesome courses offered at UCF such as Organic Chemistry and Physiology! I look forward to pursuing Medical School and eventually receiving my Medical Degree as well as becoming a practicing Doctor.

Some words of wisdom I have for the future STEM students out there is to take your time and enjoy the ride. Everyone’s at a different pace so don’t worry too much about trying to match another’s pace and most importantly, believe in yourself! I decided to join STEM ambassador to share my love for STEM and to get others to also find their passion through the STEM field.

Lastly, some of the things I love to do outside of school include running, finding cool food places, and traveling whenever possible.