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Maria Mauco

My name is Maria Mauco and I am a Computer Science major and Intelligent Robotic Systems Minor. I graduated from Windermere High School in 2022, so this is my second year at UCF.

My favorite class at UCF was Calculus I. I took this class with Professor Scully over the Summer in 2023. Although taking it over the summer might seem challenging, I felt like I had more time to dedicate to the course and fully understand its material. I loved how Professor Scully themed the course around The Legend of Zelda, with pictures of Link on his slides and questions on the exam related to the game. It made the class a lot more engaging!

One of my favorite professors at UCF is Professor Guha. He was my professor for Computer Science 2, and I hope to take more courses with him in the future. It’s easy to see that he cares about the success of his students. He encourages students to practice and reach the solution on their own, which taught me better problem-solving skills. It can be a challenging course for some, but you easily learn so much more by taking Professor Guha.

I love being part of the WiSTEM program because I find it really empowering to meet other women in my major and in STEM. It’s reassuring to know there are other mentors with similar experiences there to help and support you, and I can’t wait to learn from them!

My advice for incoming freshman: it is easy to get overwhelmed by the coursework of a STEM major, so make sure to prioritize yourself and enjoy time with your friends and family. Remember, WiSTEM can be anything you make of it, and I will try my best to meet your needs and be your biggest supporter!

In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games, watching true crime documentaries, trying out new places to eat, and spending time with friends and family!