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Samantha McCoy

Hello! My name is Samantha McCoy and I am a junior majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I graduated from West Orange High school in 2017. My favorite class I have taken so far at UCF is Physics two because it taught me a lot about magnetic and electric fields, which is just one of those topics that is naturally interesting to me.

I decided to get involved in the STEM Ambassador program because I would like to help others find their passion for a STEM career. The world needs more innovators and creative individuals. What if there are some brilliant ideas in a mind that has never been motivated? I believe this organization will give us an answer to that question, which is why I am happy to be a part of it. While the field seems intimidating, I want younger students interested in the STEM field to know that they can achieve their goals through hard work and dedication. I also want prospective students to know that some individuals may try to scare you from attempting to take a class by saying that a class is too “hard”. Classes can only be challenging, which means they give you a challenge, that’s what they’re meant for!

Away from school, I spend part of my time creating art. I find art to be relaxing because there is no right or wrong way to do it. While I am also one of the biggest critics of my own art, Bob Ross’s positive and worry-free mentality for creating art is one I strive to adopt. If I am not working on some art, I am most likely spending time with my dear friend, Hannah. We have the best times together and while she may be an enabler to my slight procrastination, I can’t help but to take a break from studying to go spend time with her! The best part about having challenging classes that require a lot of time is that it makes your time off spent with loved ones that much more valuable.