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Nadin Mohammed

Hey everyone!

My name is Nadin Mohammed, and I am a fourth year Biomedical Sciences major here at UCF. I graduated from a Florida online school, but I received most of my high school education at Cypress Creek High school here in Orlando and the Classical School of the Medes overseas in Iraq!

My favorite course so far has definitely been Microbiology. I love learning about little things with big impact and this was definitely a course surrounding that idea. Being able to perform exercises in a laboratory setting definitely piqued my interest and made me feel connected to what I have been learning. Any course in my major has its own perks and importance so being able to learn about them has been a great experience.

I became educated on the different parts of STEM from an early age, probably before I knew how to even speak the English language. The passion and excitement towards science and math developed over the course of my childhood. Seeing as there was an opportunity to become an example for developing minds and being able to encourage an interest in STEM, I became dedicated to fulfilling that role. Being a STEM Ambassador has become a means of shaping young minds while also representing many women who have become a part of a field they were once not welcomed in. 

To those who are interested in STEM, don’t be alarmed or discouraged by the difficulty or obstacles that come in your way. Become dedicated to keeping your passion alive and allow yourself plenty of room to grow!