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Brian Moore

Associate Professor of Mathematics
MSB 202

Dr. Brian Moore is Associate Professor of Mathematics and an associated faculty member of the UCF Center for Research in Computer Vision.  His research interests are in scientific computing and differential equations.  His work has contributed to several scientific applications in neuroscience, material science, wave mechanics, and computer vision.  Dr. Moore has been actively involved in several NSF funded programs for STEM education at UCF, including  CSUMS (mentoring undergraduate research students in computational mathematics); EXCEL and COMPASS (recruiting and retaining students in STEM fields in the first two years of study);  MATH-GAINS (promoting the use of evidence-based teaching strategies in mathematics courses) and ICAN (targeting STEM students with disabilities).  He has also managed of an NSF funded S-STEM program, which provides scholarships and support to low-income students at risk of not completing a STEM degree.  His interests in STEM education and education research are in the areas of mathematics and computer science education, as well as any programs geared toward disadvantaged students, especially those from low socioeconomic backgrounds.