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Abdul-Malik Mustapha

My name is Abdul-Malik Mustapha. I am a second-year college student at UCF studying Electrical Engineering. I am an international student which means I graduated from a high school called Greensprings in Nigeria. My favorite classes at UCF are Calculus 1 and 2, Chemistry for Engineers, and Macroeconomics because most of the classes were not very complicated and the professors also made it easier to grasp the required knowledge from respective courses. One of my favorite professors will have to be Dr. Donovan Dixon because he made the class lively and interactive. I decided to join the UCF STEM Ambassadors because it was a great way to manage the free time I had and an opportunity to network with individuals especially the youth. Not only will I enjoy the fulfillment of giving back to my community, but I will also get the chance to strengthen my resume for prospective internships I am applying for. One piece of advice I have for future STEM students is to always be inquisitive and challenging. They should not be content with conventional methods because it was the eccentric nature of renowned scientists like Einstein that changed the way we see the world today. Apart from reading my textbooks, I love to play soccer, listen to music, dance and help as many people as I can.