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Kyle Riedl

Hello there! I’m Kyle Riedl and I attend UCF as a Junior studying Statistics. My goal is to attend graduate school to pursue areas within Machine Learning and Data Science in order to study areas expanding upon data mining and statistical methodologies. I am from Ocala and graduated high school at Forest High School in 2017. I decided to get involved as a STEM Ambassador because I’ve had the talent of being able to connect with people and help others on great levels. I hope to get involved with as many activities as possible as I go through the next few months as an ambassador. A little bit to know about me is that I’m a mathematics tutor and I have numerous interests such as pool, coding, longboarding, and college football.

Furthermore, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting highly intelligent and knowledgeable professors at UCF. For Statistical Methods II, I took Donald Worcester and I learned numerous tests that allowed me to make conclusions regarding statistical data. He has been one of the most dedicated professors I have come across because he made class worth attending and truly cared about student success within the classroom.

Finally, it is highly important that every student in STEM realizes that they are capable of completing the journey. The opportunities for connection in college is endless and you will meet plenty of insightful individuals. “Success seems to be connected with action as successful people always keep moving. They may make mistakes, but they never quit.”