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Ariana Stratton

Hello! I’m Ariana, and I’m a senior majoring in Chemistry. I graduated from Winter Springs High School where my love of science and chemistry began to grow. My favorite class that I have taken at UCF is Advanced Analytical Laboratory Technique with Dr. Campiglia. It was fascinating learning about laboratory instrumentation functions and how different kinds of data can be processed. This class inspired me to pursue analytical chemistry research which I am now participating in under the guidance of Dr. Campiglia!

In high school, I was fortunate that I had dedicated and passionate teachers that encouraged students to be involved and interested in STEM fields. Specifically, it was my chemistry teachers who acted as my mentors and truly motivated me to further pursue chemistry. I chose to become a STEM Ambassador to share my love of science and to hopefully inspire someone the same way that my teachers inspired me.

When I’m not in a lab or doing homework, I enjoy going to Disney and Universal with friends, watching movies, and watching college football. Go Knights!