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Jethro Suarez

Hello! My name is Jethro Suarez and I am a senior at UCF studying Mechanical Engineering. I graduated from Lake Minneola High School in Minneola, Florida. 

My love for engineering came about when I first watched the Marvel movie “Iron Man”. The idea of building machines that could enhance human abilities pointed me towards the world of engineering and STEM itself. Although the source of my inspiration may sound cliché, I have loved every engineering class that I’ve taken at UCF. I am planning to continue my education after undergrad and pursue a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Biomechanics. 

I have joined the STEM Ambassador Program to serve within the community. I love talking about STEM subjects and STEM careers with aspiring students.  

When I am not buried in schoolwork, I love listening to music, drawing, and exercising. 

If I were to offer some advice to students, it would be to refrain from comparing yourself to others. Most of the time, students get frustrated because they see others that are already very successful in life while they are still in school. Don’t compare your Page 1 to someone else’s Page 50, continue to write your book. Go knights!