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Jethro Suarez

Hello! My name is Jethro Suarez and I am currently a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. I graduated at the top of my class from Lake Minneola High School in 2017.

Along the course of my STEM career, I would say that my favorite courses have been my math courses. From Algebra and Trigonometry, all the way up to Calculus 3 and Differential Equations, math has always been my strongest subject throughout school.

I have joined the STEM ambassador program to serve within the community. I love talking about STEM subjects and STEM careers to aspiring students. For future STEM students, just a word of advice:

It will always be okay if you go at your own pace of learning. When you enter your STEM career, you may notice that people get better grades than you or they learn faster than you do, and that is okay. Remember, the last doctor to graduate is still a doctor. That stands for any STEM major: the last engineer to graduate is still an engineer, the last chemist to graduate is still a chemist, etc. Don’t let the progress of others bring you down, you can do it!

When I am not buried in school work, I love listening to music, playing music, and drawing. I also love to do physical activities such as swimming, rock climbing, and running.