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Sara Trichell

My name is Sara Trichell, and I am a fourth year Chemistry major, science education minor. I graduated from Olympia High School, right here in central Florida. My favorite class so far at UCF was Physical Chemistry with Dr. Hernandez. He taught the class in an entirely different way than any other science class I have ever had. It is a discussion based class where he asks so many questions and allows every one in the class to participate in a discussion, rather than lecturing us.

I decided to be a STEM ambassador because of my drive to be a teacher. I’m so excited about graduating and being able to teach science to students. I want to start early on learning how to get students excited about the STEM field! We need more STEM students and I want to be one of the teachers that makes that happen.

Outside of school, I am in love with my dogs! I spend most of my free time playing with them and finding new dog parks to go to. I also spend a lot of time with my family running 5K’s and working out at our family-owed gym!