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Carolynn Turneur

My name is Carolynn Turneur and I am majoring in Biology with a track in pre-med. I graduated from Lake Nona High School in Orlando, FL with a scholar diploma. I am a sophomore here at UCF. My favorite classes this semester is Biology, Speech, and American History. I am a huge fan of history; I love learning about our past as a country. Biology is also one of my favorite classes this far, it is stressful at times, but it is very interesting and I learn cool things every day. Speech is one of my last favorite classes this semester. My professor Malone is very nice and approachable. Her class has taught me how to become a better a speaker. I became a STEM Ambassador to help promote science in younger and high school students. Science is often looked upon as boring and worthless. However, this is not the case, and students of all ages should be thrilled to learn science. By becoming a STEM Ambassador, I can help make science fun to learn and hopefully encourage others to major in a STEM related field. In my spare time I love to sleep, watch TV (Hulu, Netflix, Demand), go shopping, eat at restaurants, travel, and go to theme parks.