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Erick Vasquez

Hello, my name is Erick Vasquez and I am pursuing a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. I am current standing Sophomore in experience but Junior is credits at the University of Central Florida. I am a 2018 graduate from Lake Nona High School.

My favorite classes that I’ve taken so far are Statics with Dr. Zaurin and Calculus 3 with Prof. Tovstolis. These two courses have been considerably difficult to get through and have taught me great lessons not only in the given subject fields, but also techniques on becoming a better student overall.

The reason I applied for STEM Ambassadors was because I saw it as an opportunity to develop more critical skills to further progress my education and professionalism. Being a STEM Ambassador to me means to carry the responsibility of igniting the passion of STEM in others as it is within myself.

For students that think they are not gifted in mathematics, physics, chemistry, or technology; I would say to them that It doesn’t matter, all you need to succeed is the right mindset and willpower. Learning is like any other habit we have developed in our lives; All you have to do is get a start and the rest will come with repetitive work, and then you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

I live by this mindset in my personal life and have experienced the benefits of establishing healthy habits. In my routine enjoy researching new interesting topics and brainstorming ideas for potential projects that I would like to pursue. I love to dance and am constantly listening to music. If you see me with my headphones in, still feel free to stop me and say hi!