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Ashley Voglewede

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am a senior at UCF studying Computer Science.

Born and raised in Orlando, FL, I have fond memories of coming to UCF as an elementary student, equipped with mousetrap cars, balsa wood bridges, and water bottle rockets, ready to compete in SECME events. As a young student, I was lucky enough to have excellent teachers, mentors, and role models that inspired and encouraged me to explore the many facets of STEM.

This exposure and encouragement greatly influenced my vocational aspirations and is why I want to give back to my hometown in the same way, by leading hands-on STEM activities in our K-12 outreach programs.

Having also been a mentor for ACM-W (Women in Computing) for the past three years, I am passionate about bridging the STEM gender gap and retaining women in STEM majors through mentorship. I aspire to be a female role model who instills confidence and empowers girls to be future leaders in STEM. I am ecstatic to get the opportunity to do so as a STEM Ambassador at UCF!

In my free time, you can find me playing tennis, volleyball, spikeball, and golf! I also enjoy hammocking in Memory Mall, watching college football, and experimenting with espresso drinks at home!