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Christopher Yanick

  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Junior
  • Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School
  • My favorite class so far at UCF has been Cancer Biology with Dr. Zhao because he made the material genuinely interesting and did not believe in having us learn the material by pure memorization and recitation, instead having us learn the “story of cancer”. This not only helped me develop a greater appreciation for the material but also gave me a better understanding of the workings of cancer, what the earliest developments of cancer research were and where we have come through decades of medical research.
  • I wanted to get involved with the STEM Ambassador program because of my love for all things science. Whether or not I fully understand the concepts, I love being able to communicate with other people about them and hopefully be able to learn from their knowledge as well as impart some of my knowledge to them. Through this program, I hope to be able to get more students interested in STEM and inspire them to continue to pursue their education and become the next generation of young scientists.
  • Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone. Some of my greatest memories from college are from times I put myself in unfamiliar surroundings and kept an open mind.
  • Outside of classes I play on a co-ed intramural soccer team with the people from my freshman year dorm hall. I am a huge Star Trek fan and enjoy fishing with my dad when I visit my family.