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Hello students and teachers!

Due to on-campus restrictions related to COVID-19, we will not be hosting a STEM Day this fall. In an effort to continue to be involved in the STEM Community, we have created a STEM Virtual Library. The library consists of presentations, demonstrations, and activities that teachers and parents can use to supplement STEM concepts being taught at school and at home.  Check them out below and look for more videos to be added throughout the school year!


Elementary School

Citizen Science GIS: Presented by Elise Lorenzo & Tim Hawthorne

  • Age group: 3-7 years old
  • Video Topic: Maps, apps, drones, environmental studies, sociology, geography, team work, science communication

CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics: Presented by Ilina Sunkara

  • Age group: Elementary school/K-5
  • Video Topic: Demonstration of diffraction using diffraction glasses and various colored LEDs


ASCE: Presented by Ben Willett

  • Age group: Elementary school
  • Video Topic: Shows how to use marshmallows and dry spaghetti to make different structures to see which ones can withstand the greatest load in order to help students understand tension and compression


Neuroscience Alliance UCF: Presented by Matthew Zaino, Nick Ross, Samantha Hernandez, & Devin Burris

  • Age group: Elementary/Early Middle School
  • Video Topic: Discusses signal pathway from the papillae and nose to the area of the brain it correlates to and how it can be affected by COVID

Materials that may be useful:

tongue PDF



Middle School

Arboretum: Presented by Kelsie Johnson, Jena Osmani, Alec Santiago, Vince Marcucci, &  Adam Mirajkar

  • Age group: Elementary/Middle School
  • Video Topic: “how-to” for seeding, propagating, and transplanting plants


Tau Beta Pi-Engineering Honor Society: Presented by Lance Madarang, Alexander Harris, & Daniel Coronado

  • Age group: 5th-7th Grade
  • Video Topic: Creating bottle cars to discuss Newton’s Law of Motion

High School

AIThings Lab at Department of Computer Science: Presented by Nafisa Mostofa

  •  Age group: Late Middle School/High School
  • Video Topic: Discusses how specific STEM concepts like the scientific method and sound waves can be used to develop a project that can help other individuals


The Smart and Trustworthy AIR quality network (STAIR) at Orlando: Presented by Haofei Yu

  • Age group: Middle & High School
  • Video Topic: Presenting PM2.5, how it impacts human health, and how we are designing new technologies to make measuring PM2.5 much cheaper, easier and smarter


Dr. Raghavan’s Research Group: Presented by Perla Latorre Suarez & Zachary Stein

  • Age group: Middle & High School
  • Video Topic: Super materials in extreme environments.


All Levels

UCF Marine Turtle Research Group in the Biology Department: Presented by Tiffany Dawson

  • Age group: All Levels
  • Video Topic: Introduce students to several species of sea turtles and their ecology using models, turtle shells and skulls. It will also share the different tools and tags used to collect data from sea turtles in the field.

Materials that may be useful:

Virtual STEMDAY_datasheet_2020