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The Center for Initiatives in STEM is thrilled to offer two of its Summer Institute programs online for the Summer of 2020!

The Physical Sciences Summer Institute is for rising 6th-8th graders and will run June 22-26. Focusing on the theme “Science of the Unseen”, this Summer Institute will expose students to a range of scientific phenomena that require specialized experiments or analysis to uncover, including subatomic particles, earthquakes, and ecological changes. Scientific disciplines (physical, earth, and life), engineering, computer science, mathematics, and tech skills (coding and web design) come together as useful tools to investigate these topics.

The Competitive Programming Summer Institute is for high school students and will run July 12-24. This intensive two-week program is for gifted and high-achieving students who have a background in Computer Science with an interest in algorithms and programming competitions. Students will participate in online lectures, tutorials, problem reviews, and mock programming contests.

For more information on these programs, please visit