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Jaden Baldwin

My name is Jaden, and I’m in my 4th year at UCF. When I’m not studying for my Forensic Science or Psychology classes, I’m typically trying to find some new and exciting thing to do. I love activities from exploring a new library to asking people about their stories. Since I’m pursuing a Forensic Science degree, I also spend a lot of time in biological and chemical labs for class and research. I absolutely adore learning by doing, and any sort of lab work in which I physically cause the end result, and can put my hands on what I was supposed to learn, is a source of great enjoyment for me.

I have been fortunate enough to fall into the right place at the right time, with a strong support network to guide me. It was by mere chance that I ended up in well-funded robotics and biomedical programs in grade school. The  experiences I gained from those programs are the very core to who I am today. However, I also recognize that the majority of students either don’t have access to STEM programs, or may not have friends and family to support them if they do. My goal as a STEM Ambassador is to make STEM accessible to anyone interested, and engage students in thoughtful discussion and exploration of the world around them. I’d like to aid students of all ages in discovering and pursuing their interests.

My greatest piece of advice is to never stop asking questions. Every science experiment, every feat of engineering and technology, and every mathematical relationship begins with a simple question of “is it possible?” or “what would happen?” It’s the very discussion and exploration of these curiosities that brings the mysteries of the world to light.