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T'ommi Burns

Hi my name’s T’ommi Burns! I’m a second year student here at UCF.  I graduated 2017 from Fort Lauderdale High School and my major here is Environmental Engineering. My favorite classes so far at UCF have been Differential Equations and Environmental Ethics, because they take material you already know and put a spin on them.

In my spare time, I really enjoy watching Youtube videos on various topics. My favorite activity, though, is dancing. I’ve been dancing for over 6 years now, it is a great stress reliever, and an excellent way to push yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone.

I decided to become a STEM Ambassador because I love helping people. Being an Ambassador is such a great opportunity to help the community and/or younger generations to find an interest in STEM. A piece of advice that I hold close to me is to never be afraid to push yourself outside your comfort zone, the end result may shock you.