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Haley Calderone

Hi everyone! My name is Haley Calderone, and I am a Biology major graduating in Summer 2023. I graduated in 2020 from Alonso High School in Tampa. So far, my favorite course at UCF has been Genomics Lab with Dr. Savage. I like learning about genetics/genomics because of the deeper understanding we can gain from studying our unique genes and how mutations can impact a variety of factors. These are only a couple of the reasons why I find the field of genetics so intriguing. My dream is to go to a genetic counseling master’s program to become a genetic counselor!

I decided to get involved with STEM Ambassadors program because of my passion for the sciences. I have been involved with other programs before, but none that specifically focused on STEM inspiration to young students. I think it is important for children to be exposed to a variety of opportunities and subjects within STEM not only to inspire young minds, but also encourage the possibilities. With this, I am excited to make an impact with our program and share my story and experiences with the next generation of STEM students.

My advice to students who are interested in STEM, would be to take things one step at a time. It may be easy to feel overwhelmed with the expectations as a STEM student but remember to stay confident in your abilities. You chose STEM for a reason, you are capable of so much more than you think, make your dreams come true!

In my free time I enjoy going to the beach, hanging out with friends/family, trying new coffee shops, and watching the sunrise/sets!