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Bucky Field

Hey lads!! My name is Buchanan Field (you can call me Bucky for short), and I am a second year in Electrical Engineering!! I went to The First Academy for high school, which was a pretty small school but had some cool people and teachers. But here at UCF, I’ve also met some great friends and professors! One particular professor was Professor Greene who teaches philosophy! The class was a GEP for me, but he made it entertaining with stories and an interesting curriculum, so I highly recommend the course if you have time! Now I’m helping with the WiSTEM program because I understand how much stress and work is involved in being a STEM major. However, it is also important to make positive connections (with classmates or professors) and to relax sometimes! I am here to help you get through the tough times with tips and friendly support, and to encourage your transition into college life and some fun opportunities!! Seriously, reach out to me whenever you like, I am usually free to chat unless I happen to be absorbed in a book or some art project after calculus homework lol. But even then, reach out and I am more than ready to give you advice or listen to anything you have to say 🙂 Here’s a quick bit of advice to start you off, especially for those of you having a hard time this first year: change is not easy, but humans weren’t made to be stagnant creatures. There is a lot of good within change that you can find as you adjust, and even then, you are never stuck in a situation or alone. Let others help you, we’ve got this!!