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David Garvin

Hello! My name is David, and I am a fourth-year Aerospace Engineer major at the University of Central Florida. I am originally from Stuart, Florida, where I graduated from Martin County High School.

I decided to major in Aerospace Engineering because, as a kid growing up on the Florida east coast, I regularly saw STS mission launches, these sparked an interest in rocket science for me while growing up, and I convinced myself one day I would want to work on rocket propulsion systems. One of my favorite courses at UCF is High-Speed Aerodynamics because this course prepares me for future work with combustion and propulsion systems in the aerospace industry.

I joined the STEM ambassador program here at UCF because I enjoyed math and sciences while growing up and wanted to expand younger students’ interests in the STEM field. I feel it can be confusing if not allowed to explore different areas of study. As a STEM ambassador, I can help other students discover their interests and passions within STEM.

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends; I also like to stay active by weight training or playing sports such as football and surfing; I also like to keep up with Formula one.