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Alex Gregory

Hi, my name is Alex Gregory. I am currently a senior at UCF with a major in biology. I graduated from FSW Collegiate High school in Punta Gorda. My favorite classes at UCF have been ecology and genetics. These classes allow me to connect the world around us and I enjoy understanding our world.

When I was younger, my parents introduced me to the natural world and the amazing science in it. I know that not everyone is as lucky as I am and have those opportunities. As a stem ambassador, I hope to show other students these wonders. I want to guide students to find their passion for STEM. For future STEM students, never give up and keep trying. Always keep pushing and learning new things.

Outside of school, I really enjoy a good book. My favorite books are the Door Within and the Percy Jackson series. I also enjoy getting out into nature by going for a walk, kayaking, or biking.