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Al Amin Hadis

I am currently a second-year, mechanical engineering student who is interested in the field of biomedical engineering. I graduated from Suncoast High School before coming to the University of Central Florida. One of my favorite professors at this university is James Cooney, because he knows his physics, teaches with a hands-on approach, and has a sense of humor.  I became a STEM Ambassador, because I thought it would be a good way to inspire and give back to those younger than me. It gives me a platform to share the incredible opportunities found in the STEM field. I hope to share the passion I have for making a difference and being apart of something beneficial for the common good, as that will propel students to excel in whatever endeavors they wish to be a part of. For future STEM students, I want to say this: Do what satisfies you and put your all into it. Harness what motivation you have, apply it, and triple it. That is what will get you through both the difficult and enjoyable times. Away from school, I like being informed about current events, listening to music, and being with good company.