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Bao Ho

My name is Bao Ho and I am a Computer Engineering major. My adventure at UCF began in June 2022, so I have already spent two years here. I graduated from Freedom High School in Orlando in May of 2022. Digital Systems was one of my favorite classes here because it was very interesting. Learning about Digital Signal Processing, Verilog, and Number Systems was able to aid me greatly in my research and internship. Dr. Tripp is one of my best professors at UCF. I had her when I was in the LEARN program during my first year of college. She offered me numerous opportunities and guidance that really benefited me throughout my time in college. I will always be grateful to her because without her, I could not have progressed as far as I have. I want to share my experience and offer guidance to all college freshmen students, which is why I chose to become a WiSTEM mentor. Since I’ve been there, I understood that having a mentor throughout our first year of college would help a lot with the transition from high school to college. Outside of schoolwork, I usually go ice skating, go to theme parks and hang out with friends.

Words of advice for the WiSTEM freshmen students: I got the best advice from one of my professors. He advised me to always take the more difficult path since it will lead me further down the road if I have to choose between two options.